We fell so much in love with quaint and whimsical Winslow during our recent trip through Oregon, Idaho, Canada, and Washington that we felt we “simply had” to make it a part of our lives. Imagine the dilemma! So much to do in such short time on the modest means of golden agers from the state of Hawaii. . .and then we bumped into Maureen Buckley, a Principal Broker and Co-owner of Buckley & Buckley Real Estate. Candid, congenial, considerate, compassionate, so very, very competent, Maureen took us in hand and walked us through the convoluted and daunting process of finding, financing, and closing on a modest place just right for us as a second residence to enjoy the charms of Winslow. Now, six months after final closing, Maureen continues to go above and beyond in graciously guiding us through a myriad of projects ranging from painting to flooring to plumbing to lighting, to furnishing our little home away from home. In Hawaii, we have a word to describe true professionalism—kina’ole (doing the right thing, in the right way, in the right place, at the right time, to the right person, for the right reason). Maureen and her “special other” Ed Buckley have been kina’ole in her lokomaika’I kokua (generous help) in our not only achieving a dream, but also in making true friends for life. We enthusiastically recommend Maureen and Ed Buckley of Buckley & Buckley Real Estate with great confidence and absolutely no reservations to anyone seeking to settle on and partake in the best of Bainbridge Island. Maureen and Ed are no ka oi (the best)! –Richard & Holly Kiyonaga
There are a number of very good agents on the Island. We have had experience with many of them over the years (decades). But the creme de la creme, by a wide margin, is Maureen Buckley. She did an amazing job selling our house for a good and fare price. Her competency on timing, marketing, and execution is off the charts. Folks, I am telling you, there is none better. Edward is also very good, they make an incredible team.
We moved into a rental on Bainbridge Island in April of 2017 and the Buckley’s had found our dream house and property by November 2017. I don’t consider us being overly picky buyers but we were on a mission to find the right place and without Ed’s help we couldn’t have done it. Ed’s knowledge of the Island and the homes that were for sale was incredibly helpful to us. We tried to use our agent from Seattle but there was no comparison when it came to availability and Island specific expertise. One thing that we particularly liked about their approach was that we never felt pressured or made to feel guilty for showing us so many houses. We consider them friends now and are grateful that they have welcomed us to the Island and introduced us to so many great people.
Maureen has been an excellent real estate agent for my wife and I. She has represented us in the buying of vacant land (negotiating with a tough seller) as well as listing and selling our home. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience which makes the selling and buying process much smoother. Maureen sets realistic expectations for the selling process and then delivers. We listed our home just before Thanksgiving and had an acceptable offer in four days. She is very organized and responsive. Both my wife and I would highly recommend Maureen for anyone looking to sell or purchase on Bainbridge Island.