Thought-Provoking Seminar this Weekend!

Association of Bainbridge Island Communities presents their Annual Environmental Conference!

Sunday, March 10th 12:30-5:00pm, $5 admission (registration required)

Wells to Whales Photo.JPG

Do you know your “ecological address?” Our “ecological address” is more than just our street, city or town. No matter where we live, each of us inhabits a specific watershed, topography, climate, and other factors such as air and soil chemistry profiles and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Do you know where your water is sourced and where it goes? What’s an aquifer anyway? When it rains, where does the stormwater go in your neighborhood? And why does all this matter?

We will explore issues of sustainability of water quality and quantity and examine the science, impact and infrastructure in local and global systems. Resident experts will lead breakout groups so you can choose to deep dive on topics that interest you most.

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