Christmas Tree debate...Real VS Artificial...Which do you prefer?


The real versus artificial Christmas tree debate is a longstanding one. While each type of tree has its pros and cons, it comes down to selecting what works best for your living situation. Take this quiz to help you nail down your decorating.

1. Do you enjoy the smell of fresh pine?
a. Yes, I look forward to it every year!
b. A scented candle does the trick for me.
c. No, it gives me a headache.

2. Do you travel for the holidays?
a. Only if you consider taking a trip downstairs as traveling.
b. Yes, but only locally to visit family.
c. Absolutely—I love to get away!

3. Do you have any pets?
a. Does a goldfish count?
b. You might consider my house to be a zoo!
c. No, animals aren’t really my thing.

4. Do you suffer from allergies?
a. No, just the standard winter germs.
b. Yes! Everything makes me sneeze.
c. Eh, it depends on the season.

5. Do you have a green thumb?
a. My garden is always flourishing!
b. No way! I can barely keep anything alive.
c. I don’t have the time.

Mostly As:
Keep It Real
You’re a true Christmas lover! Your appreciation of the smell of pine, your lack of pets, and your strong green thumb are key indicators that you’ll enjoy a real Christmas tree.

Mostly Bs:
Fake It till You Make It
Real Christmas trees drop an abundance of pine needles, making them a pain for your allergies and giving your animals multiple opportunities to ingest something hazardous. It also doesn’t help that you struggle with keeping plants alive! We suggest you opt for an artificial tree.

Mostly Cs:
Skip the Tree
There’s no shame in being busy! Since you typically spend the holidays somewhere warm and cozy, it may be best to not put up a Christmas tree this year. Don’t worry—forgoing a tree doesn’t make you a Scrooge!

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