2018 Gift of Art Guide!

Still looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member? Here is a creative guide to help you find that extra special gift of Art!

Some people want new clothes, others want something for their travels, but what about giving the gift of good art? This can be a great way to give talented artists the recognition they deserve, all the while gifting someone important in your life something thoughtful and meaningful.

For the abstract appreciator

Painter Lina Alattar is someone who uses acrylic and ink to create a something that’s totally unique. Her paintings would make an ideal gift for someone in need of that extra touch on their living room wall. It would definitely be a splurge, but would be perfect for the person in your life who appreciates abstract art.

For the color connoisseur

Color isn’t for everyone. Some people just prefer their art to be more neutral rather than bursting with color. But Melissa McCracken is an artist who could make anyone—color fanatic or not—fall in love with her work. Her oil paintingsare dynamic and visually stimulating. She has both prints or paintings available for purchase, and either one is sure to bring the art lover in your life an abundance of joy.

For the lettering lover

Some people simply appreciate good handwriting. It more often than not comes across in their home decor choices. For someone like this, Seb Lester is an artist who specializes in calligraphy work, and his passion for this can be seen in his work. Give one of his prints (some of which include gold leaf work) for a true one-of-a-kind gift.

For the textile type

Teddy and Wool is a company making intricate macramé creations that would make an ideal gift for anyone in need of a little more personality in their space. They have unique designs in various sizes, so whether you want something big or small, Teddy and Wool has you covered. Rianne Aarts and her creative assistants have honed their expertise in fiber art and strive to make the best macramé possible.

For the jewelry devotee

While all the above are thoughtful gifts for the art lover in your life, they also come at a pretty penny. If you don’t want to gift something as extravagant, maybe this color wheel pendant is just what the gift receiver will appreciate. A local museum membership or a notebook could also make for just as meaningful as a present.

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